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Sweetbox Raspberry Pi Case + Heatsinks + Scorpi Camera Mount

The Pack Includes :

> Sweetbox Raspberry Pi Case
> Heatsinks + Thermal Pads
> ScorPi Raspberry Pi Camera Mount

For additional information about the products included, please refer to the respective product page


_We pushed the boundaries of the casing to the limits, that's why we can affirm that no one will ever be able to make a more compact case for the Raspberry Pi. The shell is a thick nylon skin that wraps snugly the Raspberry Pi board, keeping from dust, protecting from shocks, scratches and extending the lifetime of your Pi


_The set of Heatsinks has been designed by Graspinghand and CNC machined to fit the Sweetbox case perfectly. They work great with or without a case though, allowing your Raspberry Pi to run around 4 ℃ / 7.2 ℉ cooler at full calculation. The set comes with 3 ready-to-mount thermal pads


_The ScorPi allows you to fix the Raspberry Pi Camera Board above (or under) the Raspberry Pi in any position you want, it plugs tightly into the RCA port of your Raspberry Pi and works with or without casing. The tube is flexible but stays fixed in the position it's bent into for precise adjustments. The ScorPi comes pre-assembled with a right-angle RCA brass plug on one end, and a 2mm bolt fixing on the other. Simply slide the 2mm bolt fixing through the mounting hole of the camera and bolt using the included stainless steel nut and a nylon washer from each side

_In order to mount some of the products included in this pack you will need:
-- Long-nosed pliers
–- Narrow flat screwdriver
–- 1.5mm Allen key

> PACK DIMENSION > 150mm x 85mm x 23mm > PACK WEIGHT > 66 g

Raspberry Pi Camera Module & Raspberry Pi Computer not included / Patent pending / Beware of copies