ScorPi B+ Adapter

3.95 - On Sale

Scorpi B+ Adapter / Adapter kit for the ScorPi for the Raspberry Pi B+

> Upgrade your ScorPi to the B+ version
> High-end Raspberry Pi B+ accessory
> Compatible with Raspberry Pi model B+
> 100% Dismountable
> Plugs directly into the Raspberry Pi B+ via USB port
> Designed and mounted by Graspinghand


If you already have the previous version of the ScorPi, you can upgrade the camera mount with this kit and make it compatible with the Raspberry Pi model B+


Solid brass connectors / Stainless steel bolts & nuts / Nylon washers


Each connecting part is designed & assembled by Graspinghand / CNC machined especially for this product. This is a high-end Raspberry Pi accessory, build to work well and last long


The ScorPi B+ adapter is 100% dismountable, you can easily replace any bolt, washer, nut and bulk screw in the nearest hardware store


In order to mount the ScorPi B+ you will need :
-- Long-nosed pliers
-- Narrow flat screwdriver
-- 1.5mm Allen key

Raspberry Pi Camera Module not included / Patent pending / Beware of copies